The Bains

Mark and Tina Bain are both busy professionals who travel a great deal and are consumed by their time-intensive jobs. Yet they like to entertain and relax at their home, without having to worry about all the upkeep that’s necessary to do so. They first met Joel and the Let us, inc. team when they did their family room, added bookcases in an office and then outfitted a three-season porch.

“The work was outstanding, on budget and on time,” says Mark Bain. “That’s so unusual with contractors these days.”

The Bains most recently used Let us, inc. for a total renovation of their primary home, and they also have an ongoing contract with the firm for maintenance and upkeep. “That renovation was done brilliantly. Joel has great ideas and provides good options in all price ranges,” Mark continues.

“Joel’s greatest strength is that he and his crew are personally invested in your projects, as if it’s his own home. His attention to detail – including attention to his customer relationships – is above and beyond.”

If he were asked to recommend services like this, Mark says he’d definitely recommend Let us, inc. “This is your dream builder for your dream home. They are responsible, responsive, business-like, creative, detailed and personally invested.”

The Brandons

As the co-owner of her own firm, Mary Brandon has little time to pay close attention to her lovely home, but as with each unique residence in the area, it still needs much tending to. She and her husband first met Joel when they finished up the punch list a former contractor had not completed.

Most recently Let us, inc. found Mary a new dishwasher and had her reverse osmosis system installed with a hot water spigot — both by the next day! Let us, inc. also tends to Mary’s landscape lighting, takes her boat in and out of the water, provides snowplow service, puts up her holiday lights and handles the little painting and electrical tasks that arise.

“They even make sure my boat is gassed up on Friday afternoon and the oil is in the tiki lanterns in the yard, so that I can come home Friday night and be ready to entertain,” Mary says. “Why, he’s even watched my dog for me when I’ve traveled!”

“Let us provides exceptional customer service,” she continues. “They are fantastic; I even have them on my security call list.” Mary would suggest others use Let us, inc. because it is like “one-stop shopping for all home services, and their arrangement with other vendors is great. They guarantee they’ll make us happy, and are very consistent. They really go above and beyond what’s expected.”

The Vizulises

Karlis and Anda Vizulis first met Joel Harner when their neighbors recommended Let us, inc. after having an addition put on their home. Since the Vizulises travel a great deal for business, they needed someone to keep an eye on things and help take care of minor tasks like watering plants not reached by the sprinkler system or letting in the insurance estimator. Let us, inc. provided the solution. Today, the Vizulises use the firm for painting, light construction, power washing, drywall repairs and putting away the teak furniture. As a CEO, Karlis doesn’t have time to worry about such things, nor does he want to.

In addition to caring for the main Vizulis residence, the most recent project Let us completed was to repair a washout under the concrete at their vacation home. “They take care of us; it’s like a valet service for our homes,” he says. “They’re highly connected and intelligent, and I trust them implicitly.”

Karlis describes the Let us team “as a sort of business partner” and says he gives them the keys to his vehicles and his house. “I’ll call them up and say, ‘We’re going to the cottage this weekend. Here’s the list, can you get it ready for us?’ And they’ll ask what kind of fresh flowers we want in the vases. When we needed a new small appliance, we went into a local retailer and they asked if it should be billed through Let us… everyone reputable in retail knows this service.”

“Every time I run into a successful business person, I tell them if they’re on top of their game, they need Let us,” Karlis asserts. “Let us will change your life. I know I sound like I’m talking about Anthony Robbins. But because of Let us, I probably play way too much golf and my handicap has dropped significantly. Joel runs his firm the way I run my own: He takes care of anything and handles it all with the utmost respect.”